Grow Your Own Lamb - in vitro

Welcome to rural science! Growing your own lab-raised (in vitro) meat is smart and fun!

Start by using the free GYoL app to select the stem cells that will produce your lamb. Just like with traditional meat, different animals’ stem cells produce meat with different qualities - all you have to do is select your personal preference. We’ve also chosen cells from both proven and test subjects, so you can decide what kind of scientific research you want to support.

Cells are cultured in petri dishes with a view of the countryside.

Your chosen stem cells are grown in our state-of-the-art rural laboratories, with every care taken to provide ideal conditions for growth. The GYoL app also provides webcam access to these spaces so that you can see what’s going on at all times. Premium subscribers are encouraged to join the scientific team through special access to an intercom system that allows them to voice-chat with their technicians throughout the day.*

From an initial jelly stage to fully formed meat.

The petri dishes that contain your future lamb’s stem cells are constantly monitored by your highly-trained technician, and you will receive automatic updates and photographs of their progress. As the stem cells transition, you can expect to be notified of milestones including the appearance of the first hair-like muscle fibres and the addition of the bone scaffold that will shape your lamb into your selected cuts of meat.

Muscle cells develop fine hairs that attach to a bone scaffold.

The latest research indicates that just like paddock-raised lamb, lab-raised or in vitro meat quality is affected by the animal's quality of life. All cell cultures are provided daily electrical stimulation to mimic exercise, and we are pleased to offer subscribers of our Premium Service the ability to have their petri dishes placed in areas with a clear view of the paddock and sky, as well as your favourite RadioNZ programmes broadcast daily.

Cultured lamb listens to Radio NZ.

As part of the meat finishing process, we offer all our subscribers the means to flavour their in vitro meat. All of our herbs are hydroponically produced in the laboratory greenhouse, and we currently offer mint, sage, thyme, parsley and rosemary.** Your technician will add concentrated extracts of your selected herbs to your petri dishes, and your lamb meat will take on their subtle flavours.

Choose your own herbs for added flavour.

When your in vitro meat is ready to be harvested, you will receive a notice via the GYoL app. Each cut of meat will be vacuum-packed and flash-frozen to ensure freshness and flavour, and delivered directly to your door by the following business day.

Rack of lamb. Leg of lamb. Lamb meatballs. Lamb cutlets - raw. Lamb cutlets - cooked.

* Copies of lab notebooks can also be provided to Premium subscribers upon request.

** Premium subscribers can request additional herbs to be grown for their lamb.

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