Grow Your Own Lamb

A revolutionary new service that puts New Zealand consumers in charge of how their meat is produced!

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Here's how GYoL works:

Step 1: Select whether you want your 100% Pure NZ Merino Lamb raised in the paddock (in vivo) or raised in the lab (in vitro).

Step 2: Download the GYoL app so that you can check in on the growing process anywhere, anytime.

Step 3: Select the actions you want your growers or technicians to take to ensure your meat is just the way you like it.

Step 4: When your lamb is ready, select how you want it slaughtered or harvested, and get the best cuts of meat delivered right to your door.

Step 5: Enjoy your 100% Pure NZ Merino Lamb knowing that it was produced exactly the way you want it.

Are you looking for artisan meat produced in the most authentic way possible? Is it important to you to honour the way that our breeders and growers have cared for their animals and the land for hundreds of years? Do you want to see sheep naturally grazing the slopes of the magnificent South Island high country, under the sun and big blue sky, eating wild thyme?

Choose paddock-raised (in vivo)

Are you looking for the future of environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free meat production? Is it important to you to foster Kiwi ingenuity and support cutting-edge science, technology and innovation? Do you want to see a new generation of livestock producers trained in the university laboratory to grow the rural economy through intensive smart farming?

Choose lab-raised (in vitro)